Issam Kanafani

Name: Issam Kanafani
Qualifications: PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer, & a Certified Scuba Technician for various brands.

Gear Repair FAQ

Regulator overhaul journey
1. File regulator overhaul job-order.
2. Log regulator brand, model, and serial numbers into repair center helpdesk system and generate a unique job-order number for future tracking, follow-up, and update.
3. Visual inspection of all regulator elements. i.e., First Stage, Second Stage, Alternate Air Source, SPG, and Hoses.
4. Bench check performance evaluation to determine operational condition, log results on job-order form.
5. Ensure availability of manufacturer's official engineering diagram to follow proper tear down and reassembly procedures.
6. Disconnect Regulator's 1st, 2nd stages, SPG, and all hoses from each other.
7. Inspect all hoses and dispose of hose O-Rings.
8. Clean hose ends with Ultrasonic cleaner.
9. Replace all hose O-Rings with new ones.
10. Complete 1st stage disassembly / teardown.
11. Visually inspect all parts prior to cleaning. N.B. Only genuine manufacturer's recommended parts are used and are inspected prior to installation.
12. Carefully Place 1st stage metal parts inside the ultrasonic cleaner.
13. Clean all 1st stage metal parts with ultrasonic cleaning solution.
14. Carefully hand clean all 1st stage plastic, rubber, and silicone parts.
15. Complete disassembly / teardown of 2nd stages.
16. Inspect all 2nd stages parts prior to cleaning.
17. Place all 2ns stages metal parts inside the ultrasonic cleaner.
18. Clean all 2nd stages metal parts with ultrasonic cleaning solution.
19. Carefully hand clean all 2nd stages plastic, rubber, and silicone parts.
20. Visually inspect 2nd stages mouthpieces and inhalation diaphragms for damages or wear.
21. Check second stages regulator body for any visible cracks.
22. All parts 40% O2 compatible cleaning. Or 100% O2 if required.
23. 1st stage assembly using O2 compatible lubricants.
24. 2nd stage assembly using O2 compatible lubricants.
25. Remove, Clean, Replace, and Lubricate High Pressure (HP) Gauge and Air Spool O-Rings.
26. Complete regulator reassembly to meet initial configuration.
27. Thoroughly break in new High Pressure Seat.
28. Regulator bench test and set both Intermediate Pressure (IP) and 2nd stages Cracking Effort to manufacturer's specification or as customer preferred custom settings.
29. Visual confirmation of no visible leaks.
30. Ensure all valves are seated and regulator is delivering gas.
31. Log regulator's bench test results on the job-order form.
32. Complete warranty paperwork if applicable.
33. Generate invoice for spare parts and repair fees.
34. DISPOSE OF ALL replaced spare parts.
35. Present you with regulator bench test result for your reference.
36. Deliver regulator back to you and win a happy dive buddy.
BCD inspection and repair process
1. File BCD inspection and repair job-order.
2. Log BCD brand, model, and serial number into repair center helpdesk system and generate unique job-order number for future tracking and update.
3. Visual inspection of all BCD elements. i.e., Fabric, Back Plate, Power Inflator Assembly, Integrated Alternate Air Source (if applicable), Dump Valves, Straps, Buckles, Weight Pockets, Rings, etc.
4. Visual inspection and examination of Power Inflator (LP & Oral Inflation).
5. Visual inspection and examination of Integrated Alternate Air Source (if applicable).
6. Visual inspection and examination of Dump Valves.
7. Visual inspection and examination of Integrated Weight Pockets (if applicable).
8. Fabric & Weight Pockets stitching or patching (if any and is possible).
9. Disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly of all Integrated Alternate Air Source parts.
10. Repair and lubrication of Dump Valves ports, parts, and O-Rings as required. Note: Some parts may not be repairable, and BCD may tend to become unusable and unsafe for diving.
11. In-Water visual inspection and examination of bladder assuring air hold and no visible or audible leaks.
12. Determine leak location for treatment (if any).
13. Patch leak area (if possible).
14. In-Water re-inspection to ensure successful patching.
15. In-Water inspection and test of Integrated Alternate Air Source assuring gas supply.
16. In-Water inspection and test of Integrated Weight Pockets ease of release.
17. Inspection and testing of Buckles & Rings assuring proper performance as required.
18. Log test results and performed repair procedures in job-order form.
19. Complete warranty paperwork if applicable.
20. Generate invoice for spare parts and repair fees.
21. DISPOSE OF ALL replaced spare parts.
22. Present you with BCD report for your reference.
23. Deliver BCD back to you and win a happy dive buddy.
Wrist dive computer battery replacement process
1. File wrist computer inspection and repair job-order.
2. Log wrist computer brand, model, and serial number into repair center helpdesk system and generate unique job-order number for future tracking and update.
3. Check working condition.
4. External visual inspection of all wrist computer elements.
5. Carefully open the cover and set aside.
6. Dispose of old battery and O-Ring.
7. Replace with genuine manufacturer battery kit.
8. Ensure body, cover & new O-Ring are clean from any dirt, dust, & hair.
9. Most dive computer malfunctions are due to depth sensor related issues. In most situations, depth sensors are replaced at our facility to include new sensor, battery & O-Ring kit even if battery condition is still new.
10. Carefully replace cover and pressure test for visible leaks.
11. Set current time & date as maybe required.
12. Test all computer functions to ensure diving readibility.
13. Present you with repair report for your reference.
14. Deliver dive computer back to you and win a happy dive buddy.

1. In situations were we are unable to perform a local repair, we can (on your behalf) ship it to and follow up with related manufacturer/authorized service center for repair. All shipping and handling charges to be carried by the customer. In some occasions, repair estimates are not possible prior to receiving your dive computer by the manufacturer/authorized service center for inspection.
2. Occasionally, hard reset maybe required. Fins & Flash is not responsible for any diving records and data loss. You are responsible for backing up your dive computer prior to service.

Repair Rates

What customers say

Had my Apeks regulator set serviced by Fins & Flash, came back not only looking brand new but also breathed like it just came out of the box.
Excellent job to the boys at Fins & Flash.
Thanks Issam for overhauling my Scubapro regulator and making it perform properly.
I appreciated the follow up and the accurate pre & post repair reports given with final test results.
Repairing my Regulator and BCD with Captain Issam was a fantastic experience. Fast service, shared before and after pictures which put me at ease, and the receipt with a 30 day warrantee to guarantee quality!
A safe dive means safe equipment, and I wouldn’t entrust my equipment for maintenance to anyone else!
Issam was incredibly professional and helpful when I needed to get my DiveRite regulator serviced.
He was very communicative and friendly throughout the process and always kept me in the loop. I would definitely recommend Issam’s services, he’s extremely knowledgable, patient, friendly and helpful.
My regulator is now back to full working capacity!
An outstanding experience in maintaining and changing the battery of my SUUNTO Stinger dive computer.
After a long time, I managed to get a distinguished maintenance engineer who deals with SUUNTO dive computers. Stinger battery is not easy to change, yet it was replaced in a record time with same day delivery at a great price.
Shout out to the team at Fins & Flash. I’ve had 5 of my regulators serviced and the service and the standard of the workmanship is excellent.
I’m a tech diver with 1000+ dives and I always feel confident knowing my Regs have been serviced by Issam and his team.
Thank you
Needing to get my regulators services while in Saudi left me feeling quite apprehensive, however, after speaking to other dive professionals (some with over 30 years experience). I was advised to seek out Issam (Fins & Flash), whereby his reputation for providing a professional service and attention to detail (A crucial factor when dealing with lifesaving equipment) was high on my priority list.
On our first meeting, I was invited to see his workshop and facilities. Initial reaction was one of complete relief, seeing this clinically clean, immaculate setup with all the correct specialist tools to complete any major overhaul of scuba technical gear.
My mind was eased and first set of regs services, the communication throughout the process was excellent, whereby, Issam provided step by step pictures, up front costing, complete breakdown of parts, labour and after sales advice, should it be required.
After receiving the regulator, I used it when teaching the next weekend, the transformation in deliverable gas requirements was absolutely fantastic, to say I am impressed is an understatement.
I have since recommended Issam to all the dive professionals I currently associate with here in Saudi and fully endorse his work and final product.
Thank you Issam, looking forward to using your service for many years to come.
Michael Youlten
Mark Nixon


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