SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge)

Know how much air is left in the tank. A SPG can be separate or built into a dive computer and are made in both analog and digital.


Your SPG displays how much air remains in your tank so that you can end your dive well before you get too low. An SPG can either be a mechanical gauge connected by a hose that reads the pressure in bar (metric) or psi (imperial, pounds per square inch) in your tank, or it may be built into your dive computer. Support your local dive store and get advice about the right SPG for you.

Standard Features

  • Easy to read and understand, because you use your SPG constantly during a dive to monitor your air supply.
  • Securely attached so you can quickly and easily find it. Plus, you don’t want your SPG dangling, causing drag, hitting sensitive aquatic life or becoming damaged.

Optional Features

  • Some air-integrated dive computers evaluate your breathing rate and estimate how long your air will last.
  • Some air-integrated dive computers use hoseless SPG technology that sends pressure readings from a transmitter on your regulator first stage to the dive computer on your wrist.
  • Gauge consoles group your SPG, dive computer or depth gauge, and your compass in one handy component.

How to Choose

It’s logical to select your SPG when investing in your regulator, or complete scuba package, and have it attached by the dive professional at your PADI dive shop. If looking at mechanical gauges, be sure to purchase the measuring system you’re used to – bar (metric) or psi (imperial).

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